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2-hour-tested quick dry moisture wicking fibre, our fabrics are very breathable and dry 50% to 70% faster than a standard tricot fabric on the market, making them the perfect choice for as a first layer quick dry fabric.

5ᵒC Instant Cooling

Our Cooling fabrics help maintain a comfortable body temperature during physical performance and hot weather. By using a special yarn we are able to quickly transport body heat to the outside while increasing the breathability and ventilation of our fabrics.


With its well-ventilated piqué knit fabric, it breathes 7x better than cotton, with just 87grams of weight.

Sustainable stretch

Our fabric withstands a long term stretch test and therefore can retain its original shape even after 1,000 washes. It is wrinkle-resistant, and can be washed and dried at home in the washing machine (or in a hotel sink).


Outdoor essentials. Premium quality, affordable prices. #WHYPAYMORE