Times change and perceptions crumble. 2017 motivated FITGEAR to be better within the apparel industry. The greatness of Internet has been used to create a brand for itself. FITGEAR had it’s own share of humble beginnings without relying on any partner retailers – unlike any other big brands. Today, our proud success story lingers in creating a business model that disregard the middlemen from the very start.

The founders of FITGEAR realised that luxury apparels were unimaginably expensive because components like designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers took their share of the sales causing the increase in price. “I personally had been to the factories and I know what it costs to manufacture a piece of t-shirt and it’s definitely not RM120.

Despite being an e-commerce brand, to date, FITGEAR have launched pop-up stores in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and we are partnering with strategic partners to find ways to sell offline without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Ultimately, FITGEAR  aims to create loyalty and trust. The question we get all the time, “Should I purchase it when it's 30% cheaper?” or instead “ Should I just stick to a brand I trust?” Despite this being a challenge, FITGEAR would like to prove the society that quality is not a privilege but a necessity for everyone.