Premium essentials is not a luxury. Everyone has the right to possess quality belongings. At FITGEAR, we traveled across the globe in search of industry experts that carries years long of experience.

The growth of FITGEAR marks an important role as an industry pioneer. Our approach in this business is distinct. Adapting our business model makes it possible for us to share with you the world’s finest quality, at fair and honest prices.  

Our structure allows us to communicate with customers directly. It is rather unique from your typical run-of-the-mill apparel companies. We minimize outsourcing as much as we can and instead, do most of the backend and front-end tasks in-house; removing any unnecessary procedures that will increase costs.

By executing our designs in-house, selling online, eliminating the intermediaries and working directly with our partner manufacturers and factories, we’re able to cut a huge amount of non-essential costs.