We know you've stacked up a list of must-hike adventures for 2018 especially after reading up on our recommended must-hike mountains in Malaysia! To get the most out of these adventures, especially more challenging hikes like Mount Kinabalu, set yourself up properly with specific training!! You need it! Plus, it's a good way to keep yourself motivated throughout trainings with a purpose in mind!

Training for trail running

If you're training to run on inclined trails, here's a formulated circuit that you can go through in your neighbourhood gym for maximum results!

Prisoner Upper Body Circuit

Consisting three classic, simple bodyweight exercises that'll help to strengthen your upper body: pull ups, push ups, and dips. 20 reps each for 3 rounds!
We understand upper body strength is not the focus that determines running performance, however, having a weak upper body is asking for injury. The Prisoner Circuit is designed to add strength and durability without adding unnecessary mass and weight gain.

Walking Lunges

A classic exercise that is super effective at training hip, leg, glute and hamstring strength. Aim to complete 25 reps of walking lunges with kettlebells or dumbbells (at a comfortable weight) for 3 rounds. For maximum results, increase load each round until you feel some resistance in your quads! Push yourself but don't over-exert!

Front Squat

A classic, simple barbell strength exercise. The front squat trains hip, leg, and core strength. You'll complete 3 rounds of fronts squats, 30 reps each! 

Training for Climbing

For those looking for more adventurous climbing activities, up your training game with these exercises! Ideal for seasonal climbers. If you're completely new to climbing, head to the nearest climbing gym for detailed explanations of activities we're about to suggest.

Bouldering 4x4 

After warming up, pick 4 boulder problems or routes that are about 2-4 grades below your max, and try to climb all 4 within 5-6 minutes (10-15 min if you’re climbing routes). If V0 or V1 is your max, add feet or hands to your problems to make them easier. 

Problems or routes should not be tweaky, and you should ideally know them well. Do all 4 problems or routes in a row without resting. On boulder problems don’t top out, it’ll save time and give you a better workout. Jog to the next problem or route and start up the wall without rest. If you fall off before the halfway mark, try the problem again or pull back on to the route from where you fell off. If you fall from more than halfway up, move on to the next problem or route. If you can’t finish all 4, pick easier problems or routes for the next round. You want to be able to just barely finish the circuit.

Rest 4 minutes between sets if your bouldering and 10 min between sets if you’re climbing routes. You’ll want to climb 4 rounds total, hence the name 4×4

Campus Board Reaches

Campus Board Reaches, which train finger contact strength, lock off strength, and explosive power. Start by hanging from both hands on a campus board rung.
1 Round of Campus Board Reaches =
3x Reaches Left Hand (reach as high as possible, then return to match with you right hand)
3x Squats
3x Situps
3x Reaches Right Hand (reach as high as possible, then return to match with you left hand)
3x Squats
3x Situps

Burpee Suicide Sprints 

The two outside cones are 40 feet apart. The middle cone is dead center at 20 feet.
Set a repeating countdown timer for 30 seconds. On "go" do 1x Burpee + a Suicide Sprint. Move as fast as you can. The faster you finish, the more rest you'll get before the next round. Start the next round when the timer reaches zero and starts again.

Inspired to start training? Start off with some kick-ass training gear!